Motorway vignettes

Drivers of motorcycles, passenger vehicles and combined vehicles with permissible maximum weight of 3.5 tons pay toll for driving on motorways and expressways in the Republic of Slovenia with the annual vignette and two short-term vignettes, i.e. monthly and weekly vignette.

Half-yearly vignette is only available for one-track vehicles / motorcycles, but not for two-track vehicles / passenger and combined vehicles.

CAUTION: Two-track vehicles with permissible maximum weight of 3.5 tons are divided into two classes: 2A and 2B.

For more info on vignette classes please visit the website of our motorway operator DARS (

Vignette types

  One-track vehicles Two-track vehicles
class 2A
Two-track vehicles
class 2B
Weekly 7,50 EUR 15,00 EUR 30,00 EUR
Monthly - 30,00 EUR 60,00 EUR
Half-yearly 30,00 EUR - -
Annual 55,00 EUR 110,00 EUR 220,00 EUR

Monthly vignette applies from the purchase date until the end of the day with the same number one month after the purchase. Weekly vignette applies for seven consecutive days from the date specified by the user upon purchase.

All changes and updates are regularly published on our motorway operator's website

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