What is a B.D.F handle?

The B.D.F handle is a mechanical manual control. It provides a safe solution for people who are unable to use their legs but have unobstructed or only partially obstructed use of their hands. It is used by paraplegics, lighter-obstructed tetraplegics, persons of lower growth, people without legs, patients with cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis and others who are unable to or find it hard to use their feet when driving a car.

The handle was created in Slovenia, based on domestic experience and knowledge. It is a result of participation of visionaries, engineers and a disabled paraplegic, who did not find a suitable solution to manually control his car.

B.D.F handle - Technical information

I like the B.D.F handle because it is adaptable to every individual. I also appreciate being able to choose the color of my lever. After seven years of use the lever is now mounted on my second car and is still in mint condition. It always works as intended and I've never had any issues.


Tanja Cerkvenik – Paralympian at the Paralympics in Beijing and London


With the help of the B.D.F handle a disabled driver operates the vehicle manually – moving the lever back pushes the gas pedal, while pushing the lever forward presses the brake pedal. Both functions cannot be used simultaneously which is especially important in terms of safety. The lever can be installed in any type of car as long it has automatic transmission.

AMZS BDF ročica AMZS BDF ročica - uporaba


  • The handle has all necessary technical documentation required for approval.
  • Safe operation – The handle is designed so as not to allow simultaneous pressing of the brake and gas pedal.
  • Individual customization – the handle enables height adjustment, tilt towards the center console, and adjusting the depth of pedal movement.
  • Even with the built-in lever operation of the vehicle is still possible with regular controls (acceleration and braking pedal).
  • Handmade and ergonomically designed handle.
  • High quality materials.


Feel free to ask us any aditional questions you might have.


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