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Naslov Čeplje 29b, 3305 Vransko
Delovni čas Monday–Friday: 8.00–16.00
Telefon +386 8 200 29 00
Odgovorna oseba: Petra Wagner Čuk
Telefon +386 8 200 29 00

AMZS Safe Driving Center in Vransko is a state-of-the-art Safe Driving Exercise Center in Slovenia, built on the model of such centers in Austria and Germany. It meets the most stringent European standards and is also in line with the requirements of Slovenian legislation (the Vehicle Act). AMZS Safe Driving Center is spread over 15 acres of land with 6.6 acres of paved surface, equivalent to the total size of nine football fields. On paved surfaces, there are 2.5 kilometers of trails with individual training sets equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for simulating different driving conditions and performing different exercises.

AMZS Safe Driving Center is primarily designed to provide safe driving exercises for drivers of cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses. Depending on the level of difficulty, we carry out intensive (basic) and continuing courses. Because we are professionally targeted at different target groups, we also carry out special programs (Economy driving course, Senior training course, Motorhome driver course, Management program, etc.) and Professional programs (Rescuers, Firefighters, Police, Army, etc.).

We also carry out statutory safe driving education and training programs (penalty point erasure program, beginner driver program, basic qualification acquisition and extension, trainer program). The AMZS Safe Driving Center also enables the organization and execution of various preventive, commercial and social events.

AMZS Safe Driving Centre

The training part of the AMZS Safe Driving Center is divided into 9 modules or sets, each of which is designed to perform specific exercises or designed for a specific type of driving.

  • M1 - The first set of the polygon allows you to know the causes of a vehicle crash, the consequences of a slip, and to learn the correct reactions when it occurs. The combination of the hydraulic sliding plate, the sliding surface and the water makes it possible to learn and learn the maneuvers used to calm the vehicle, avoid obstacles and brake properly. All of this can be tested on a wet, sliding or dry basis at speeds of 50 to 100 miles per hour.
  • M2 - Due to its special design, the second set makes it possible to know the effect of rafting. A special part of the track on the polygon enables the establishment of controlled floods (the water level on the road or only part of the road is controlled and can be adapted to the needs of each program). In this way, participants can test what happens when they drive with only one, two or all four wheels at a higher speed in a puddle, which often happens on roads and more often on highways.
  • M3 - The third set gets to know the drivers by understeering and oversteering, which is the slip of the front and rear of the car. The driver is aware of this when slaloming, cornering, sharp cornering, changing lanes and similar maneuvers. This set also provides a detailed understanding of the performance of brakes, tires, four-wheel drive and electronic travel aids such as ABS, ASR and ESC.
  • M4 - The fourth assembly combines elements of the first and second assemblies, since it contains a sliding and soaked surface, except that it is led down a slope. Thus, the training area allows you to learn how to bend, brake, avoid obstacles by braking, optimum cornering and learn to bend before cornering, on a wet or dry surface.
  • M5 and M6 - The fifth and sixth sets of the polygon are intended for ancillary activities, as it is a larger paved area where drivers perform various parking and reversing exercises. The 1230-meter circular track is designed to test cars and tires, measure noise, and perform lane change maneuvering in accordance with ISO 3888.
  • M7 - The seventh set is designed for off-road use and contains a number of different obstacles designed to simulate most situations where an off-road driver finds himself.
  • M8 - The eighth set is a macadam track with turns intended for various exercises with passenger and off-road vehicles.
  • M9 - The ninth assembly is a paved polygon with shorter and longer planes and 180 ° turns. It is primarily intended for motorcycle training, for learning how to properly focus your gaze and for the usefulness of the right way to safely drive through sharp turns.

The AMZS Safe Driving Center is designed to work in all weather conditions. The water nozzles are heated, so training in the training ground is also possible in winter conditions, at temperatures up to -10 degrees Celsius. In addition, the entire surface of the AMZS Safe Driving Center is additionally illuminated, allowing programs to be carried out in the evenings. The center is surrounded by forests and is additionally surrounded by a noise barrier.

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