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AMZS Karting and motorsports center is located in Slovenja vas near Ptuj. The longest karting track in Slovenia stretches over 8,965 square meters, is 1,005 meters long and 8 to 10 meters wide and features the longest and fastest corner in Slovenia. With modern karts, you will enjoy a technically demanding track where there is enough space for attractive overtaking, so you will be able to transform into real racers and show all your driving skills, regardless of whether you are in a kart or on a motorcycle.

Since 2018, the track has also held national championship races in karting and mini road speed motorcycling (minimoto, supermoto, minigp, scooter). Yet another reason to test the 13 corners and drive your fastest lap.

Before the start of the 2024 season, we acquired 15 new RT10 Sodi karts, the fastest karts for recreational use!


kvadratnih metrov



57,229 s

rekord proge
z najetim kartom


metrov zabave

17 EUR

10 minut
karting vožnje

14 EUR

10 minut vožnje
za člane AMZS

One- and two-seater karts

NEW from 2024: single-seater Sodi RT10 kart, the fastest recreational kart, suitable for all adrenaline enthusiasts who want faster and more attractive rides.

The Sodi RT8 single-seater kart is the first kart of its kind with a complete body, which offers the driver additional protection, but also an exceptional racing feeling. The pedal distance is adjustable, so the kart is suitable for all drivers.

The two-seater Sodi 2DRIVE kart is designed for learning or fun. It is ideal for team building, safe driving training, family fun, racing experience for people with special needs.

Modern design and technologies used together with safety systems ensure a high level of adrenaline - without compromising on the safety of the driver and passenger.

How to reach us?

The easiest way to get to us is via the A4 Maribor - Podlehnik highway, which you leave at the Zlatoličje exit and at the first roundabout continue towards Zlatoličje. At the second roundabout, turn left towards Zlatolič, which will avoid driving through Slovenja vas. Cross the bridge over the HE Zlatoličje canal and turn right about 100 meters later. From there, follow the signs and drive along the left bank of the HE Zlatoličje canal to the AMZS Karting and Moto Sports Centre.


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