Why become a member? Because we are the largest national provider of roadside assistance and because we keep you mobile!

And not only that – we offer you a wide selection of services, all in one place, and offer numerous benefits and discounts in our business centres as well as from our business partners.

AMZS is a national automobile association with long-standing traditions. It unites 100 automobile clubs and automobile touring clubs in Slovenia, which together total more than 82,000 members. We also provide our members with assistance abroad in co-operation with other European automobile clubs.

AMZS is a member of the international automobile and motorcycle associations FIA, AIT, FIM and UEM. Expertly trained auto mechanics with special roadside assistance vehicles, towing vehicles and a wide network of contractual partners carry out our services both on the road and in our workshops.

A member may either be a natural person or a legal entity, although the conditions regarding membership benefits differ between the two.

A natural person is entitled to membership benefits for a vehicle that they have operated themselves during the time of a given event. The vehicle may be owned by any natural person; if the vehicle is owned by a legal entity that leases or rents the vehicle, then the leasing or rental contract must be made out to the name of the member. Membership is not transferable to another person. Roadside services are bound to the member while technical services are bound to the member owning the vehicle.

Upon paying for membership you receive a membership card for a period of three years. This membership card is valid with proof of membership fee payment for the current membership year. If, upon claiming membership rights, a member did not have valid membership documents on hand and was required to pay for AMZS services rendered, they may request a refund of payment by submitting the original bill on the basis of which payment was made.


Description of Membership Categories

Standard Membership provides drivers with peace of mind while driving in Slovenia. In the event of a vehicle breakdown or road traffic crash, AMZS guarantees unlimited Roadside Assistance as well as a number of other, sometimes even more pertinent, benefits (the exception being assistance abroad, for which coverage can be obtained through purchase of the International Assistance Booklet).

Membership Plus is recommended for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road and who also travel abroad. This category offers extended benefits in Slovenia while also providing assistance abroad, as the International Assistance Booklet is a key component of Membership Plus. Members are also entitled to all membership benefits.

This category of membership is open to new members, or to existing members who wish to upgrade their membership when their membership is due for renewal. By enrolling in the Membership Plus package you agree to the AMZS International Booklet and Emergency Loan Services General Terms of Use.

The Premium Membership package in addition to the benefits of membership Plus and International Assistance Booklet also includes annual travel insurance at an affordable price. This includes:

  • health insurance for travel abroad with assistance;
  • liability insurance;
  • baggage insurance;
  • insurance of debit and credit cards abuse;
  • insurance of costs of creation of new identity documents.

Alternatively, at the conclusion of a Premium Membership you pay additional 7 EUR and insurance also includes family members.

The transition to a Premium Membership is also possible during the year from other membership packages.

Sign up those who are closest to you. A spouse or partner and all children up to 26 years of age who live in the member's household pay:

  • »Standard« Family Membership (covers Slovenia only): 60.00 EUR
  • »Plus« Family Membership (covers Slovenia and foreign countries*): 89.00 EUR
  • »Premium« Family Membership (in addition to the benefits of membership Plus also includes annual travel insurance in foreign countries*): 136.00 EUR

*General membership conditions: Article 16 (Roadside assistance abroad), Article 9 (Member categories)

Disabled persons who are legally recognized as having a more than 80 percent disability receive a 40 percent discount upon purchase of Standard Membership and are entitled to all membership benefits that are associated with Standard Membership. Membership is conditional upon the presentation of relevant documents* verifying a legally recognized disability. This membership category includes all benefits that are provided by Standard Membership. Membership benefits, which are related to a motor vehicle, are also carried over to a second person who drives the vehicle that is owned by a holder of a Disabled Driver Membership.

A holder of an AMZS Start membership receives the Motorevija magazine and may claim all member benefits that are not related to services for a motor vehicle. They may claim discounts from the “Show Your Card!” programme, and discounts from the “Smart Buys” programme in AMD tourist offices and AMZS Technical Centres, and for the preparation of a travel itinerary. An AMZS Start member cannot claim benefits under the “Save with AMZS” programme.

Membership Card

You will receive confirmation of your paid membership each time you make a membership payment. First time members receive a membership card within 10 days. This membership card is valid for a period of 5 years.

A member who is a natural person is entitled to use of membership services (roadside assistance, vehicle towing) for a vehicle that they were operating during the time of a related event. The vehicle may be registered to any natural person. If the vehicle is owned by a legal entity that leases or rents the vehicle, the associated contract must be made out to the name of the member.

If membership is listed under a legal entity, benefits are bound to the vehicle that is under the ownership of the legal entity and is evidenced as such (vehicle registration) in membership documents. Membership for a company car can be obtained by an authorized person (director or procurator).



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