Category B

Category B includes motor vehicles, except for vehicles of category A1, A2, A, F and G, whose maximum permissible mass does not exceed 3,500 kg and do not have more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat. The license to drive vehicles of this category also includes the license to drive vehicles of categories AM, B1 and G.

Age limit:

  • to start training 16 years
  • to take the exam 18 years

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Driving with a companion

Regardless of the above-mentioned age restrictions, a person over the age of 16 may also drive a car:

  • who completed the theoretical part of the training for category B motor vehicle drivers at the driving school;
  • passed the theoretical part of the driving test before the competent examination board and completed the practical part of the training at the driving school;
  • who has not had his driver's license revoked, or has not been subject to a sanction imposed for the prohibition of driving a motor vehicle of a certain type or category, or has not been subject to the security measure of revocation of his driver's license, or has not been subject to a sanction of suspension of the validity of his driver's license, and has no road traffic penalties in his record , if he has a driver's license to drive motor vehicles of another category;
  • if a person is accompanied by a companion during the ride;
  • if the vehicle is marked with the prescribed "L" plate.


The person accompanying the person from the previous paragraph can be one of the parents, adoptive parents, guardians, foster parents or another person who is at least 27 years old and has a valid driver's license for driving category B motor vehicles for at least five years and has no more than five criminal points in his record. A person under the age of 18 may be accompanied by another person, if parents, guardians, adoptive parents or foster parents agree to this in writing. If the companion is another person, he can train no more than two people from the previous paragraph in a period of five years. The companion must be entered in the driver's license record and driving record card. Enrollment is carried out by the examination center when it determines that the conditions have been met. Before entering the driver's record card, the test center must provide the accompanying person with appropriate instructions.

When driving a motor vehicle, the person must have a driving record card and a valid medical certificate, and the companion must have a valid driver's license for driving category B vehicles. These documents must be handed over to the police officer for inspection upon request.

Under the stated conditions, the person referred to in the first paragraph of this article may drive a car until he passes the driving test for driving category B motor vehicles, but no more than two years from the start of the training.

When accompanying a person, the companion is responsible for the safety of the ride and for the offense committed by that person, unless he could not have prevented it.


What about towing a trailer?

Owners of a driving license for driving category B vehicles may also drive motor vehicles of this category:

  • when light trailers (lahki priklopnik) are added to them (that is, a trailer with a maximum permissible mass of up to 750 kg) or
  • when trailers other than a light trailer is added to them, if the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle group does not exceed 3,500 kg and such vehicle group does not interfere with the vehicle homologation rules.

If the maximum permissible mass of the vehicle group exceeds 3500 kg but does not exceed 4250 kg, Code 96*, which is acquired through practical training lasting at least 9 hours, applies.

The BE* test must be taken only if a trailer is added to the category B motor vehicle, with the maximum permissible weight of the trailer not exceeding 3500 kg.

*At AMZS Driving School, we do not train drivers to obtain Code 96 or category BE.

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