How to get your driving license

1. Medical certificate

You receive your medical certificate by getting checked at a doctor specialised in occupational medicine, you chose the doctor yourself. If you wear glasses or lenses you must also provide your latest medical reports from your optometrist. The medical certificate is valid for 3 years.

2. First aid course and exam

The first aid courses take place in our classroom at the AMZS d.d. headquarters (Dunajska cesta 128). The course lasts 7,5 hours and is split in to two days, each session lasts 3 hours and 15 minutes. You can enrol into the course up to 15 minutes before its start. The only condition for successful enrolment is the payment. The exam usually takes place one week after the course and is payed for with a bill that you will receive when you enrol into the course or during the course. You are informed about the exact time and date of the exam on the second day of the course.

The first aid course has permanent validity. You only need it when you sign up for the theoretical part of your driving test (the driving theory test).

Because you will take part in practical exercises during the course, we advise you dress sporty.
The first aid exam is made up of two parts: a theoretical part and a practical part. You must bring proof of payment and personal identification to take part in the exam. The following people are exempt from having to complete the first aid course:

  • Candidates who finished secondary or higher health science education
  • Doctors and dentists
  • Students of medicine and dentistry that finished the first aid exam
  • Nurses and soldiers who finished the first aid course (proof needed)
  • After successfully passing your first aid exam you will receive a first aid card, that is proof of completing the course.

3. Driving theory course

Requirements for enrolment :

  • The candidate can take part in theory courses for driving categories: AM(H) – when he is at least 15 years old, A1 – when he is 15,5 years old, A2, A and B – when he is 16 years old
  • Filled out the enrolment form in the driving school office
  • Valid form of identification (ID or passport)
  • Payment of the course or of a package including the course

The candidate is mandated by law to attend at least 15 hours of the course. A finished course has permanent validity.

4. Driving theory test

To enrol into the Driving theory exam, you need to present you medical certificate, first aid card and proof that you completed your driving theory course. You enrol to the test at your local administrative unit. You can only begin the practical part of your driving test after completing the driving theory test.
Price of the exam is 31,91 EUR.

5. Driving program – Practical part

Beginning requirements
Driving takes place based on a written program. When you want to begin with driving lessons, check in at our office. Bring with you your personal identification, medical certificate and your driving schedule booklet. We will discuss picking an instructor for you and schedule your first lesson. Based on what’s possible, we will try our best to take in to account your wishes on when and where you want to be picked up for your lesson. The driving lessons are 1 hour long, of which 50 minutes are dedicated to the driving lesson and 10 minutes are reserved for the instructor’s mandatory rest.

ATTENTION! During the driving lessons you must have with you:

  • Your driving record booklet
  • Medical certificate
  • Form of identification

If you are missing one of these requirements your instructor can not let you drive, as it would be against the law.

Remember: It’s better to have a few extra driving hours and be confident in your driving before taking your driving test.

6. Your driving test at the Motor Vehicle Exam Centre

The driving test (your final test) can be taken at any Motor Vehicle Exam Centre in Slovenia
The requirements for taking your driving test are:

  • You are 18 or more years old
  • You have completed the prescribed program at the driving school



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