Course in road traffic rules (CPP)

  • The CPP course consists of a basic and an additional part. The basic part lasts 16 school hours.
  • For categories A1, A and B, 8 additional hours must be completed.
  • As part of the CPP course, we also offer driving with a category B simulator.
  • CPP courses are held at AMZS Driving School locations: Dunajska cesta 128 in Ljubljana and Trubarjeva 2 in Trebnje.

You can start by attending road traffic rules course (CPP):
- category A1: aged at least 15.5 years,
- other categories: aged at least 16 years.

To register for the road traffic rules (CPP) course in English, please fill in the form below. We will inform you by phone or e-mail when the course will take place.

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