Steps to the exam

We invite you to choose the AMZS Driving School as your companion to obtaining a driver's license. Let us list just a few reasons why we are the right choice.

  • Complete support on the way to the driving test.
  • Practical training for AM, A1, A2, A and B categories.
  • Road traffic regulations courses (CPP – Cestno prometni predpisi).
  • Affordable package prices.
  • Additional discounts for AMZS members.

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1. Road traffic rules courses (CPP)

The course includes:

  • the basic part, which lasts 16 school hours and
  • additional part in case of A, A1, A2 or B category, which lasts 8 school hours.

For the AM category, the candidate can train independently.


  • B category: over 16 years of age
  • A1 category: 15.5 years
  • A2 category: 17.5 years
  • A category: 20 years, when you make the transition from the A2 category.
  • A category: 23.5 years, when you complete the category independently.

According to the current legislation, the CPP course is valid permanently.

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2. Medical certificate

Get a medical examination at occupational, traffic and sports medicine (Medicina dela, prometa in športa). The medical certificate is valid for three years.

3. First aid course and test for motor vehicle drivers

First aid courses are conducted by regional units of the Slovenian Red Cross (Rdeči križ). The passed exam has permanent validity.

 Exemption from taking the PP course can be requested by:

  • candidates with completed secondary or higher medical school (final certificate),
  • doctors and dentists,
  • students of medicine and dentistry with a passed exam (index),
  • paramedics of civil defense (CZ – Civilna zaščita) and soldiers with a completed course (military booklet or certificate).

4. The theoretical part of the driving test

In order to pass the theoretical part of the driving test, which is conducted by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Traffic Safety (AVP - Javna agencija RS za varnost prometa ), the driver candidate registers with the administrative unit (UE – Upravna enota).

5. Practical training

After the first four steps completed, you can start the practical part of the training. Come to our driving school and we will find the right driving teacher for you. Then you can start your driving program.

When driving, you must always have with you:

  • driving record card (EK – evidenčni karton)
  • medical certificate
  • identity document

If you do not have any of the listed documents with you, the driving instructor must not drive with you, as you would be committing an offence.


6. Passing the driving test - test drive

A candidate for a driver registers for the driving test conducted by the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Traffic Safety (AVP - Javna agencija RS za varnost prometa) at the administrative unit (UE – Upravna enota).

7. Congratulations - you have become a beginner driver!

After successfully passing the driving test, you get the status of a beginner driver. A driver's license is issued to a beginner driver with validity until the age of 21, or for two years after first obtaining a driver's license. The driver's license is extended after you complete the legally defined program of additional training for beginner drivers and submits a certificate of completion of additional training.

If you want to continue your driving journey with us, choose the most modern safe driving center in Slovenia - we invite you to the AMZS Safe Driving Center in Vransko (CVV – Center varne vožnje Vransko)!

8. Additional training for beginners

A beginner driver can take part in additional training after at least six months have passed since obtaining a driver's license.

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