The AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko is Slovenia’s most modern, purpose built facility for carrying out safe driving exercises.


It was built along the lines of similar centres in Austria and Germany, and complies with the most stringent European standards, while meeting Slovenian legislative requirements (Motor Vehicles Act).

The AMZS Safe Driving Centre premises stretch over 15 hectares of land and include 6.6 hectares of asphalted surface, a total area equal in size to nine football fields. Asphalted surfaces comprise 2.5 kilometres of well-maintained training tracks that are equipped with modern equipment for simulating different types of driving conditions and carrying out various training exercises.

The Centre is primarily designed as a facility to provide training under safe conditions, for drivers of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, and for motorcycle riders. We run basic and advanced courses   to meet the needs of participants of any skill level. As we have highly qualified instructors   and advanced technical equipment, we are able to run a large variety of courses (Ecodriving Course, Course for Senior Citizens, Course for Motorhome Drivers, Course for Managerial Personnel, etc.) as well as courses for specialist groups (ambulance drivers, firefighters, police officers, military personnel, etc.).

We run statutorily prescribed training programmes and safe driving courses (Penalty Point Removal Course, Post-licence Course for Novice Drivers, courses on obtaining initial qualifications or extending them, Instructor Certification courses). The AMZS Safe Driving Centre is also available as a venue for educational, commercial, and other events.

On the basis of the expertise of our instructors, and our constant development of new courses, we guarantee our participants the best in terms of content, and strive to provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to keep them safe on the road.


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