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AMZS Safe Driving Centre instructors are highly qualified instructors and experts with many years of experience in the field of safe driving. They continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills at seminars and training courses at home and abroad.

Brane Legan

"It happened by chance. In the centre where I worked as a traffic police officer dealing with road crashes, I was known as an unstoppable motorcyclist. When two of my co-workers lost their lives in a motorcycle accident, I happened to have been sent on a mandatory training course on better driving techniques. I didn't realize it at the time, but the foundations for safe motorcycle riding were established. ‘Furije’, Slovenia’s first women's motorcycling club, took immediate advantage of this by asking me to teach them about the secrets of safe riding. This was my first Safe Riding Course. 'An interesting, active hobby' was my first thought and I felt good about it. And, through word of mouth, it all started from there. “Teach us too, and come visit us as well…” were pleas I heard from clubs and motorcyclists. A chance conversation that my wife had with a female motorcyclist was the reason I wrote my first article on motorcycling safety. A chance visit by a founder of driver training in Germany who was looking for trainees abroad led me to my first professionally recognized licences – after spending weeks performing German drills in a car and on a motorcycle! A chance conversation with an acquaintance responsible for motorcycling safety and essential changes in Europe, led me into European projects. And it was also by chance that I came into contact with AMZS when they were looking for someone to set up a team of instructors for their new safe driving circuit."

"In my more than 20-year career on the road, I had had direct experience of tragedies, had seen injuries and fatalities – including those involving children and adolescents – so these chance events changed my life. Over the past 15 years, thousands of satisfied, grateful motorcycle riders and automobile drivers have given me hope that through my skills and efforts, I might have contributed to some people’s survival on the road, and prevented their suffering and the suffering of their loved ones. This is why I am an instructor. An AMZS instructor. Grateful for these chance events in my life, and proud of my hobby."

Vojko Safran

"I was involved with severe road crashes on a professional level for seventeen years and saw too much psychological and physical pain. It was often clear that the driver could have prevented the crash if they had had adequate knowledge of their car and the skills to control it."

"I decided to become a safe driving instructor because I wanted to contribute to improved road safety. I really enjoy working with people, so I'm happy to be able to pass on my knowledge to other drivers at the exceptionally high level that is possible at the modern AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko.”


Rafael Pečjak

"I'd already been interested in engines and cars as a primary school student. I remember the time when I learned to drive. Driving schools, at that time, provided us with only the minimum amount of training and knowledge to be able to pass our driving tests. The result of this type of training is that there are too many fatalities on Slovenian roads. Right after completing secondary school, I began getting actively involved in teaching youth. First, as an instructor at a driving school, and later, by lecturing about traffic legislation. I've been a safe driving instructor for about ten years. During this time, I have trained myself, as well as those who participated in courses. I particularly enjoy working with youth, with novice drivers who have just passed their driving tests, because they are the ones in most need of supplementary skills. Driving schools cannot teach them everything that safe driving instructors can offer on a training circuit. I try to convince those participating in courses that speed is what kills. At the end of a course, I'm very happy to hear comments that the course was excellent, that they learned a lot and that they will behave differently in traffic in future."

"I personally believe that, by doing this, I contribute to there being fewer fatalities on Slovenian roads. It is especially important to decrease the number of fatalities among young people. This is my basic motivation and I'm very happy that through my knowledge and experience, I can substantially contribute to improving the conditions that we have today. This is the reason that I am a safe driving instructor."

Marko Tomič

"After many years of experience on the road, I wanted to be able to do something about improving road safety.

We have too many accidents on our roads, too much suffering and fatalities among the young. From this came the wish to become a safe driving instructor, so that I could bring both new and experienced drivers closer to realizing the importance of road safety. Only in this way will I, my family, and other drivers be safer on our roads."



Peter Smrekar

"What can we do today, to improve our safety on the road tomorrow? Through long years of experience and having faced countless different road situations, I want to encourage drivers, both novice and those more ‘experienced’, to upgrade their skills. In so doing, we will ensure greater road safety."




Janez Marolt

"I like motoring. My life has been connected with motoring for a long time. Not a surprise, since we were involved with transport at home. I was first involved with the manufacture and servicing of four-wheel drive vehicles and vulcanization as a machine technician, later as a mechanical engineer and since 2001, as a sole proprietor. Since the opening of the AMZS Safe Driving Centre, I've primarily been involved with road safety.”

"I'm very familiar with all kinds of motoring: I have a driving licence for all categories. As a competitor in four-wheel drive vehicle races, I've been participating in the Slovenian National Off Road Championship for eleven years and have been named National Off-Road Champion a number of times."

"I enjoy leading an active lifestyle and helping others: in my spare time I'm involved with alpinism and am an active mountain rescuer (air rescuer). And, I’m happy to pass on my knowledge to both the young and the old. As a result of both my competitive and practical road experience, I can make a contribution to improving road safety."

Danijel Granda

"In my previous job I travelled many kilometres and met many people. The work of an instructor at the AMZS Safe Driving Centre is interesting because you're in constant contact with people who want to upgrade their driving skills."

"My job working with an excellent team at the extremely well-maintained safe driving circuit in Vransko is made even better with a thank you or a hand shake from a participant. This motivates me to be all the more committed to my work. I hope that course participants transfer what they have learned from our Centre to our roads, especially when it comes to road safety."


Manuel Pungertnik

"In fifteen years of actively working as a driving instructor, I tried to direct young drivers towards more tolerant behaviour and safe driving, and to familiarise them with road hazards through theory. In the AMZS Safe Driving Centre, I can apply my theoretical knowledge and long years of experience to assisting participants in upgrading and testing their skills on the circuit. They learn about different hazards they could potentially face on the road - where there are no make-up exams. ‘Let’s drive safely and tolerantly to ensure our safety today and tomorrow.’"



Andrej Rus

"A taste for the smell of gasoline has been with me since I was a kid. My dad and uncle competed in motorcycle races, and both were professional truck drivers. So I had role models for my work. Before I knew it, I was making a living by sitting behind the wheel of a truck myself. Every day, while driving, I faced the incomprehensible behaviour of other drivers, which bothered me a lot. As a member of the Association of Societies of Drivers and Mechanics of Slovenia, I soon joined the local municipal Road Safety Council and helped to improve the driving culture on our roads.”

"When I stopped working as a truck driver, I had more time to realize my dream of improving the existing culture and behaviour on our roads, so I began training to become a road safety instructor at the AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko. I pass on my skills and rich driving experience to other drivers. I like to help all drivers, especially the young. By doing this, I can help improve the safety of Slovenia's roads.”

Severin Sajevec

"Motorcycling is a part of my life, for which I owe a debt of gratitude to my parents. They gave me my first Tomos Tori motocross bike when I was seven and I've remained connected to octane to this very day. I started out with motocross and sports motorcycles. I'm now actively involved with Trial, which is technically the most demanding motorsport. A lot of the energy and devotion that I have placed into the development of this sport in Slovenia has also led me to working with the AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko. Professionalism, expertise and the most modern circuit provide me with the vision and desire to create. I now pass on the knowledge I've myself gained from the most experienced instructors in motoring, and in so doing, build bridges towards improved safety on our roads. I get special joy and satisfaction from working with children in the field of motorcycling."

"Kids' trial camps help children develop co-ordination and balance, which is welcome in all sports activities. The progress that can already be seen in kids, after just a short period of time is a huge reward for the invested effort."

Marko Bračič

"As a young boy I had been enthusiastic about throbes of engines of motorcycles and cars. I love adrenalin and since early age I started to gain various experiences in unpredictable situations on roads and outside. Few experiences ended painfully as well. Back then there were no such suitable ranges, where we could train safely and there were no professional trainers, who could train us about various unpredictable situations and dangers in which we can find ourselves in.
After finished high school I started to work as a traffic policeman in Ljubljana and witnessed few tragic accidents for which most common reasons have been lack of knowledge or incorrect reactions of drivers. After almost 10 years of work in traffic safety field I decided I want to do something more for traffic safety. I have completed training for driving instructor and traffic regulations lecturer and thus become an active teacher for driving. Because of my constant wish to achieve new knowledge I have gained new skills in AMZS Safe Driving Center in Vransko. With the help of proffesionally trained instructors of safe driving I have achieved licence for safe driving trainer after several courses.
I am very happy to be able to give everything I have learnt and experienced from an early age on in various courses. This way I can additionally improve driving safety on Slovenian roads."

Darko Daljevič

"Few months after becoming 18 years old I have got my driving licence. In years to come I have started to drive on a more regular basis and gain more and more experiences. One of them was sadly a car accident which luckily claimed only material damage. I wanted to get some answers in safe driving field that is why I have decided to train for a driving teacher. In the mean time I have passed test for every other driving cathegory of vehicles and after almost 20 years upgraded this with licence for safe driving instructor. After successfully passed the training in the company of top safe driving instructors in Vransko I have become part of extraordinary story in the field of safe driving. Come. Priceless."





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