The AMZS Safe Driving Centre runs many special programmes. The content of these programmes is adapted to meet particular goals or groups of individuals.

Course for Drivers of Classic Cars

Due to their rarity or exceptionally well-preserved state, classic cars are precious to their owners. It follows that the owners of classic cars typically take them out of the garage only in good weather or when participating in events. This nevertheless does not mean that it is impossible to find themselves in an emergency situation when taking the car out on the road.

Course for Senior Citizens

As a driver with long years of driving experience, have you ever found that in the flood of new abbreviations that come with a new vehicle, you no longer knew what function each technical component performed? And these new roads, traffic signalisation systems, motorway regulations and roundabouts. Have you traded in a number of vehicles, driven several hundreds of thousands of kilometres and taught yourself from your own or others' mistakes on various types of roads? Join us for the Safe Driving Course for Senior Citizens, and have fun learning about the active and passive safety systems that are built into your car, and get valuable practice in expertly evading dangerous situations in a safe and supervised environment.

Ecodriving Course

The ecodriving course is primarily designed for professional drivers who drive a great number of kilometres each year. Experienced AMZS instructors estimate that drivers who complete the ecodriving course decrease their fuel consumption by 6 to 9 per cent, on average. Therefore, a truck driver who covers 100 000 kilometres per year will save up to 2 000 litres of fuel, and the corresponding amount of money.

Courses for Legal Entities and Managerial Personnel

Most people who work spend time on the road every day, even if they are just driving from home to work and back. Many also drive vehicles for company purposes every day. The more often we are on the road, the greater is the probability that we will be involved in a road crash. Take care of your employees by providing them with supplementary training that will enable them to travel more safely and efficiently for work purposes.


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