AMZS Safe Driving Courses for Motorcyclists

There are more and more motorcyclists each year and many of them are aware of the fact that riding a motorcycle demands much more of a rider than does driving a car. Europe recognizes and values the role that additional training plays in ensuring that riders acquire sufficient experience.

All of us who love to ride on two wheels know that each ride on a motorcycle is a unique experience. And also a test: of knowledge, foresight, motorcycle control, correct decision-making in critical situations and much more. Each ride is a new experience. Just as the fun of riding never ends, so too is the necessity to continually update and upgrade your skills and knowledge.

The AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko lets you gain experience from experts in a technically advanced setting, yet in a fun and safe way.

Our safe riding courses are designed to simulate as closely as possible those events and consequences that happen on the road most frequently, in various circumstances and driving conditions. Because of this, we also refer to our courses as rider tests.

Winners train to win! Join us for one of our safe riding courses that will make riding a special experience and will add much value to the kilometres you will travel in the future.

Courses are run in groups of up to 10 people (the Safe on the Road Course for only up to 3 people). In the event that too few participants register for a particular date, the course will be changed to the next appropriate date and participants will be notified in due time.

A Varied Selection of Courses for Motorcyclists

Choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • AMZS Basic Safe Riding Course for Motorcyclists
  • AMZS Basic Safe Riding with a Passenger Course
  • AMZS Course with Trial Motorcycles
  • AMZS Refresher Course for Motorcyclists
  • AMZS Advanced Safe Riding Course for Motorcyclists
  • AMZS Safe Riding Course – Individual Training
  • AMZS Safe on the Road Course
  • AMZS Young Motorcycle and Scooter Riders Course


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