Driving a motorhome is in many ways different from driving the average passenger car. We must be aware of the fact that motorhomes are substantially heavier, longer and higher than passenger cars. 

To improve control of your holiday vehicle we invite you to participate in a one-day safe driving course that is specially adapted for owners of motorhomes and run at the AMZS Safe Driving in Vransko. During the safe driving course, participants will be in the safe hands of experienced AMZS instructors who will teach them to recognize dangerous situations and the correct techniques for avoiding obstacles. Participants learn about effective braking on different types of surfaces, and also about how a vehicle's weight and tyres affect braking distance. The instructor also spends some time discussing the problem of additional weight in the motorhome and its correct fastening.

Details of the Safe Driving Course for Motorhome Drivers

In the short theoretical component, participants learn about the basics of driving a motorhome. They learn about driving conditions, how to correctly plan for their driving, how to fasten and label cargo, and the dangers of overloading a motorhome. The instructor will discuss various driving methods and techniques as well as the use of the latest motorhome devices, which also have an effect of decreasing fuel consumption and can be very helpful for a driver in many ways.

The practical component includes 6 exercises during which participants will learn about correct braking techniques on different types of surfaces, braking in dangerous conditions, correct driving in bends and avoiding obstacles. Participants use their own vehicles when performing the exercises.

  • the basic dynamics and physics of driving a motorhome, 
  • adjustments and checks to be done before driving, 
  • braking techniques in normal and emergency conditions, 
  • techniques for driving in bends, 
  • techniques for avoiding obstacles, 
  • passive and active safety devices in the motorhome, 
  • ecodriving techniques.  
  • correct adjustment of the driver's seat, steering wheel, and correct hand positioning, 
  • braking exercises under normal and emergency conditions, 
  • braking exercises with obstacle evasion, 
  • braking exercises on different types of surfaces, 
  • exercises on driving in bends and braking while driving in bends, 
  • exercises on how to react if the motorhome skids, 
  • ecodriving exercises while monitoring engine activity over a tachometer and the use of modern driving aids (tempomat, etc.).


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