Having completed driving school you’ve obtained your driving licence and are now a novice driver. Congratulations!

In spite of this, a driving school cannot teach you how to react to all the dangers that face on you in everyday traffic. So at the AMZS Safe Driving Centre we also run a Post-licence Training Course for Novice Drivers.

Legislation requires that novice drivers take a post-licence training course and participate in a group workshop. This course is not the same as a regular safe driving course. It is adapted for novice drivers and especially designed to allow them, under safe conditions, to experience various hazardous situations. This is so that they can learn how to respond correctly, and take evasive action, before having to face such situations in an uncontrolled environment on the road.

A novice driver is issued a driving licence that is valid for two years. To extend their driving licence, a novice driver must supply a certificate of having completed a post-licence training course for novice drivers. A novice driver can register for such a course after a period of four months has passed since they obtained their driving licence. A post-licence training course must be completed within two years, or before turning the age of 21.

When registering for a post-licence training course, participants must bring with them their driving licence, as well as their novice driver form. Each driver receives this form when they are issued their driving licence. This form is also available for printing at this link.

The training course includes safe driving practice drills and a group workshop on road safety and the psychosocial behaviour of road users. Up until now, participants were required to complete an advanced driving course at a driving school prior to registering for this course. Since the new Motor Vehicles Act has come into force, this is no longer required.

We run the Post-licence Training Course for Novice Drivers at the AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko, where we can guarantee a quality programme where participants acquire a lot of knowledge and skills. The post-licence training course for novice drivers presents participants with the opportunity to improve their skills in a fun, adrenalin filled, yet safe way. At the same time, they are able to supplement the skills they obtained at a driving school, as some techniques cannot be taught by a driving school, therefore making our courses even more important for all drivers. The courses simulate events and consequences that happen most frequently on the road, under various circumstances and different types of driving conditions. We would also like to inform young drivers that participating in this type of programme is not at all boring – actually, quite the opposite is true – it's full of fun and adrenalin.

Courses are run for groups of up to 12 people. In the event that too few participants register for a particular date, the course will be changed to the next appropriate date and participants will be notified in due time.

Details of the Post-licence Training Course for Novice Drivers

The Post-licence Training Course for Novice Drivers is carried out at the AMZS Safe Driving Centre in Vransko. It is carried out over the course of one day and consists of 10 academic (45 min) hours. The course consists of the following components:

Theoretical component (1 academic hour): Discussion of the participants' experiences and their motives for driving, introduction of emergency braking techniques, possible reactions a car may have while driving in a bend, technical and physical basics of driving and the introduction of correct vehicle maintenance and a vehicle’s safety devices.

Practical component (6 academic hours): Takes place on the circuit with participants using their own cars. Includes numerous practical exercises during which participants are in constant communication with the instructor over a radio receiver in the car. The instructor explains each exercise and then demonstrates it in their own vehicle. One by one, the participants then follow the instructor's lead while the instructor monitors their every move and provides ongoing instruction for improving responses to given situations. After completing each exercise, participants discuss the things they have learned with the instructor.

Group workshop (3 academic hours): At the group workshop on road safety and the psychosocial behaviour of road users, participants learn about the reasons and consequences of road crashes and about the risks that are associated with driving.

One academic hour lasts 45 minutes. The entire programme lasts eight and a half hours; participants also have a lunch break during the course.


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