Safe Driving Course for Drivers of Commercial Vehicles and Buses

Drivers of commercial vehicles and buses are responsible for many lives, so they must drive safely and precisely. Many drivers believe that after having driven several hundred thousand kilometres, they have gained all the necessary skills, but our instructors' long years of experience indicates otherwise. Many professional drivers have trouble with braking and obstacle evasion.

With the help of modern technical devices, the AMZS Safe Driving Centre allows drivers of commercial vehicles to learn about different driving, braking and obstacle avoidance techniques, while at the same time becoming familiar with the basic techniques of ecodriving.

Acquiring Initial Qualifications and Periodic Training for Drivers of Commercial Vehicles and Buses

Since June 2011, the AMZS Safe Driving Centre is a certified provider of courses for acquiring initial qualifications, or code 95 for the periodic training of professional drivers.

Periodic training is mandatory and must be completed by professional drivers every five years: 35 hours every five years, with a minimum of 7 hours each year.

Exceptions are drivers of commercial vehicles whose code 95 expired on 10 September 2011, and drivers of buses whose code 95 expired on 10 September 2010. These drivers must complete 14 hours of regular training from the expiry date of their code 95. On the basis of a certificate that confirms they have completed 14 hours of training, they will be able to extend their code 95 for a period of 5 years.

Periodic training is carried out by participating in an accredited course in accordance with a set syllabus that contains material relevant to the acquisition of the initial qualification and periodic training.


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