AMZS Safe Driving Centre Complex

AMZS Safe Driving Centre track circuit stretches over a surface area equal in size to nine football fields.

The AMZS Safe Driving Centre complex includes an office building equipped with three classrooms that are designed for the theoretical components of courses, for press conferences, and for various other presentations. Parking garages are located on the basement level.

The most attractive part of the AMZS Safe Driving Centre is the track circuit designed to facilitate practical training exercises. The circuit stretches over a surface area equal in size to nine football fields. It is divided into six separate sections. Of these, the most important and interesting are those that include special built-in slippery surfaces and water nozzles. These systems enable drivers to undergo supervised testing of poor tyre grip and car skidding. Two other interesting track sections are the off-road and macadam tracks.

The circuit allows us to run programmes for a number of groups simultaneously and to supervise training exercises for different types of safe driving techniques. Drivers are therefore able to test driving manoeuvres (slalom, braking, changing lanes, aquaplaning and different methods of driving in bends) under supervised conditions and can test their vehicle's passive and active safety devices (ABS, ASR, ESC, 4-wheel drive) under various simulated weather conditions.

The training circuit of the AMZS Safe Driving Centre is divided into 8 modules or sections. Each of these allows us to carry out particular types of training exercises, or is designed for a particular type of driving:

M1 – Track Section 1 lets you discover the causes and consequences of skidding, and teaches you how to react correctly. The combination of a hydraulic kick plate, slippery surface and water make it possible to learn and teach manoeuvres that can be used to control a vehicle, avoid obstacles and brake correctly. The track makes it possible to try, and test, all of these manoeuvres on wet and slippery, or dry surfaces at a speed of between 50 and 100 kilometres an hour.

M2 – The special design of Track Section 2 lets you discover the effects of aquaplaning. This special part of the circuit allows for controlled flooding (water directed across the road or on part of the road is controlled and can be adjusted to the needs of an individual course). As a result, participants on this section can test what happens if they drive just one, two or all four of their wheels into a pool of water at a high speed - a situation that often happens on the road and even more frequently, on the motorway.

M3 – Track Section 3 familiarises drivers with under and over steering, or with front or rear end skidding. Drivers learn how to deal with this situation while driving slalom style, braking in bends, turning sharply, changing lanes and performing other similar manoeuvres. This section also allows detailed familiarisation with the functioning of brakes, tyres, four-wheel drives, and electronic vehicle devices like ABS, ASR and ESC.

M4 – The fourth section combines elements of Track Sections 1 and 2 as it consists of a wet and slippery surface, only this time on a slope. This type of training track facilitates learning about turning, braking, avoiding obstacles while braking, optimal turning in bends, and learning about braking before entering a bend on a wet or dry surface.

M5 and M6 – Due to the long length of the asphalted surface, Track Sections 5 and 6 are used for supplementary activities. Here, drivers carry out various parking and reverse driving exercises. The 1230-metre long circular track is designed to test cars and tyres, measure noise levels, and perform lane change manoeuvres in accordance with ISO 3888 standards.

M7 – Track Section 7 is used for four-wheel drive vehicles. It includes many different obstacles that simulate most of the situations a driver can expect to face when driving off-road.

M8 – Track Section 8 is a macadam track with bends that is used for various training exercises using passenger and off-road vehicles.

M9 – Track Section 9 is an asphalted surface used mostly for agility exercises with bicycles, motorcycles and trial bikes.

The AMZS Safe Driving Centre is designed to operate in all weather conditions. Water nozzles are heated, so training exercises on the circuit are also possible in winter, at temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. In addition, the entire AMZS Safe Driving Centre surface is well lit, which also allows programmes to be carried out during evening hours. The Centre is surrounded by forests and a noise barrier fence.


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