The basic safe riding course is designed to benefit all motorcycle riders no matter what level of experience they have.

Understanding the surrounding environment and the physical laws that affect a vehicle is fundamental to safe motorcycle riding. The course therefore begins with a short theoretical component during which participants learn about:

  • the basic dynamics and physics of motorcycle riding, 
  • handling, manoeuvring, and cornering techniques, 
  • emergency braking and evasion techniques.

After completing the theoretical component, participants are able to train on a Trial motorcycle. Good motorcycle riders must master balance and correctly coordinate the use of clutch, brakes and throttle. Most motorcycle accidents are the result of too little knowledge about the correct use of the clutch and brakes.

Because of its design, the Trial motorcycle is excellent for this type of practice. This component includes riding around obstacles and on different types of surfaces. The course is a challenging and unforgettable experience for motorcycle lovers.

Throughout the course, participants ride their own motorcycles while our instructors guide them through a number of stimulating and challenging training sections on our modern and technically advanced circuit. Riders learn about:

  • correct weight transfer, 
  • various riding techniques, 
  • correct observation and scanning techniques, 
  • correct cornering, 
  • emergency braking and evasion techniques. 

Duration: 9 hours

You can register by calling our toll-free number 080 26 36 or by sending us an e-mail at

In the event that too few participants register for a particular date, the course will be changed to the next appropriate date and participants will be notified in due time.

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