Passenger Cars – Basic Safe Driving Course

The basic safe driving course for motorists is designed for all drivers – those who have long years of experience as well as those who have been driving for just one or two years.

Research indicates that many drivers sit incorrectly in their vehicle. Poor use of driver space is frequently the reason for incorrect hand usage and incorrect braking, which can have disastrous effects on driving safely. Many drivers do not know exactly how to use the Anti-Lock Braking system and are not familiar with the functioning and correct use of the ESC system.

The basic course for motorists consists of a theoretical component, as well as a practical component which participants complete in their own vehicle. On prior arrangement, you can also participate in the basic course with a vehicle that you rent for the day at the AMZS Safe Driving Centre. This is a full day course with a one-hour break for lunch.

The short theoretical component takes places in a classroom, where the instructor introduces the physical basics of driving a car, correct braking techniques, driving through a bend and correct use of a vehicle’s passive and active safety devices.

The course then moves to the circuit, which is a modern facility equipped with water nozzles and slippery surfaces. The circuit enables the simulation of situations that frequently occur in traffic, but at lower speeds. The practical component includes six exercises during which participants learn about correct braking techniques on different types of surfaces, emergency braking, correctly driving in bends and obstacle avoidance. Participants carry out these exercises using their own cars. In addition, a special hydraulic kick plate facilitates learning about what action to take if a car skids. While completing the practical exercises participants are in constant radio contact with the instructor, who provides ongoing instructions on how to improve a response to a given situation.

You can register by calling the toll-free number 080 26 36 or by contacting us by email at Courses are run for groups of up to 10 people. In the event that too few participants register for a particular date, the course will be changed to the next appropriate date and participants will be notified in due time.

  • the basic dynamics and physics of driving a car,
  • adjustments and checks to be done before driving, 
  • braking techniques under normal and emergency conditions, 
  • techniques for driving in bends, 
  • techniques for avoiding obstacles, 
  • passive and active safety devices in the vehicle
  • correct adjustment of the driver's seat, steering wheel, and correct hand positioning, 
  • braking exercises under normal and emergency conditions, 
  • braking exercises with obstacle evasion, 
  • braking exercises on different types of surfaces, 
  • cornering (entry, exit and braking), 
  • exercises on how to react if the car skids. 


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