Statutorily Prescribed Courses

Novice Drivers

Legislation requires that novice drivers take a post-licence training course and participate in a group workshop. This course is not the same as a regular safe driving course. It is adapted for novice drivers and especially designed to allow them, under safe conditions, to experience various hazardous situations. This is so that they can learn how to respond correctly, and take evasive action, before having to face such situations in an uncontrolled environment on the road. This applies for every car driver after 13. 8. 2010 and every motorcycle driver after 12. 1. 2017.

Penalty Point Removal

Our programme for removing penalty points is intended for all drivers who have attained 4, but less than 17, penalty points. From 1 October 2011 onwards, participants can join the programme on their own initiative, since a referral from the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration is no longer required as per legislation enforced 1 July 2011. A person can enrol in the course only once in a period of three years. With confirmation of having completed a penalty point removal course, the Court will remove 4 penalty points from their record.

Safe Driving Instructor Certification

This course is intended for all those who will train instructors who will execute safe driving courses, such as post-licence training courses for novice drivers of category B vehicles (Safe Driving Instructor), and instructors who will execute group workshops on road safety and psychosocial behaviour of road users as part of post-licence training courses for novice drivers (Group Workshop Instructor).


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