Types of Courses for Car Drivers

AMZS Safe Driving Courses

At the AMZS Safe Driving Centre we run a basic and advanced safe driving course for car drivers. You can also add to the knowledge you gain from your advanced course with individual training, where the instructor focuses only on you.

These courses for motorists give automobile drivers an opportunity to improve their safe driving awareness in a fun, adrenalin filled, yet safe way. At the same time, they are able to supplement the skills they obtained at a driving school, as some techniques cannot be taught by a driving school, therefore making our courses even more important for drivers. The courses simulate events and consequences that happen most frequently on the road, under various circumstances and different types of driving conditions.

Course for Motorhome Drivers

Driving a motorhome is in many ways different from driving the average passenger car. We must be aware of the fact that motorhomes are substantially heavier, longer and higher than passenger cars. Seeing what is behind a motorhome is possible only by using rear-view mirrors. During their travels, motorhome drivers cover many kilometres and come across different types of roads, from long and fast moving motorways, to city streets and mountain passes.

Course for Drivers of Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

The new and dynamic circuit especially designed for four-wheel drive vehicles, means that it is possible to train to acquire the skills necessary to safely drive four-wheel drive vehicles in off road conditions. In order to effectively control a four-wheel drive vehicle, the driver must be very familiar with its drive shaft, its ability to transmit power and the use of its electronic systems that aid driving on slippery and uneven surfaces. Our circuit includes a number of different sections so as to simulate most of the situations that a four-wheel drive vehicle driver is likely to face when driving on off-road terrain.


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